How to Choose the Right Mobile App Development Partner to Start Your App Journey?

Have an exciting idea but don’t know how to build it? Overwhelmed by browsing thousands of mobile app companies and marketing agencies but don’t know which one to choose?

We stumbled upon Clutch; a company based in Washington DC, that focuses on helping you find the right partner for different kinds of app development cases.

What is a Clutch?

Clutch offers market insights to help businesses on their decisions of who to hire or work with. Listing thousands of app developers in North America and around the world, Clutch evaluates each company on a variety of topics, including their market presence, past client list, and many more. 

By simply selecting service categories such as mobile app development, IT solutions, Advertising & Marketing or Web & Software development, you can sort and filter the options. Also, you can review customer referrals and choose a reliable partner to start the app development journey. Clutch helps you to find your right partner promptly within a few clicks. 

Looking for End to End Lifecycle of Mobile App? 

Startups and small-medium sized businesses need a reliable and experienced mobile app development company for the lifecycle of mobile development. Usually, services typically include analysis, architecture design, API design, technical solution, project planning, UX/UI design, programming, distribution, post-launch marketing and maintenance. 

This is why a company like ADAMAPP has our dedicated team of developers and designers striving to produce custom mobile apps and a responsive website that helps leverage our clients’ business to make them stand out in their market. Our solutions are easy-to-navigate, user-centred, unique, and impressive – all of which are appreciated by our top-tier global clients.

When you choose a full-service company, you can enjoy a hassle-free and efficient process of your app development because they can take care of your project with great detail. 

When you are lost or unsure about setting up your strategy, architecture designing, or a solution, some companies can help. This is because they have already delivered various successful projects and can offer you professional, customised and suitable approaches for you.

Design & Development

You may have researched and created specifications on your app functionalities, and only need someone to help you to design the screens which follow the style guidelines and optimised UI/UX for development. 

Try to find agencies who can provide both services to make sure the app screens are fully optimised for better UI/UX. Some designers can solve the inconsistencies with user interface guidelines of both platforms to ensure it feels natural for users with best practices. The advantage would be a time-saving and efficient result by shortening the communication between the graphic design team and development team. 

Design only 

Maybe you already have the app prototype or wireframe. Still, you need some professional UI/UX designers to help you optimise or create your style guideline (brand logo, icons, colours, styling, etc.). 

The point is to create the screens which follow both platform guidelines and offer a user-centred, clean and comfortable experience. By browsing the potential company’s portfolio/case studies, you can choose the right partner. 

Development Only 

If you already have your app created, but it needs to be updated to be compatible with current operating systems such as iOS or Android, you will need a robust and skilled development team. 

We would suggest looking for an experienced and professional development team. A team consists of skilled project managers, developers and QA team. They can help you to prevent future hurdles which saves your time and cost. 

After understanding what the right resources/partner for your app project is, you can start to approach the candidates. There are a few questions you would need to think about and confirm before commencing: 

Who will the developers be? 

  • Are they full-time in-house employees of your company or outsourced? 
  • How long have they worked for you?
  • How fast can they respond to the crashing/issues and fix it? 
  • Where are they located, how much is the time difference and how to communicate (email, Slack, Skype)?
  • How often will have check-ins?  
  • What kind of methodology are they using? 
  • What kind of project management software, or other system tool are they using? 
  • Who would be our main point of contact, experience and position? 
  • What kind of suggestions or approach would you offer for my project?

ADAMAPP embraces all kinds of inquirers and can deliver the best result with years of experiences and talented teammates. Book a free consultation by visiting us or email us now! 

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