How to find a tech partner for your project

Don t start your search for someone to help you develop your tech project until you ve read our insider s guide.

Top tips to help you find the right tech partner for your project

When you re considering the launch of a major tech project, it can be overwhelming trying to understand where to start your search and how to narrow the field.

We ve worked with hundreds of clients over the years, and we ve seen how getting the process wrong in the beginning can lead to a bad result for everyone.

We re here to help ensure you get it right. Whether you want to develop an app, launch a website, build a mobile tool or create any other type of tech project, we ve written a free 14-step guide to help you.

Below are a few tips, but for the full guide, click here to have the PDF emailed to you.

Why going backwards is the first step to move forwards

A common problem we see in the industry is when people think of a great idea, find a tech partner, develop it - and then it falls flat.

Why does this happen? Because the first thing you need to do is really hone in on your project goals, and then work out the best way to deliver them. Unfortunately, a lot of people come up with an idea, assume it ll meet their project goals and just forge ahead with getting the tech concept developed.

"Take a step back, think about what you want to achieve, and then assess your idea with that in mind."

Your idea might well be the perfect solution to meet your goals - or your potential tech partner might be able to propose some alternatives. But when you re looking for tech partners, make sure to tell them what your goal is, and you might be offered more effective solutions than your initial concept.

The pros and cons of asking for recommendations

If you re planning to develop a tech project that s very similar to a project someone in your network has successfully completed, then it s well worth seeking their advice and referral.

But sometimes, people think that if a company can do one techie thing, they can do all of them. And unfortunately, there are some tech companies who will happily tender for work they have no experience in.

Most good-quality tech companies specialise in key areas, so while asking for recommendations is a good place to start, make sure to bear in mind the type of project.

And if nobody in your network has worked on a similar project recently, then our guide has some independent resources, such as, that can help with your search.

Don t trust your first instincts

When you initially contact a potential tech partner about your project, the person you speak to first probably won t be the person running your project.

It s important to feel the person you re working with understands you and your company needs, including the sales person or account manager who handles your initial query.

But far more important is the project manager or project lead. They will be handling the day-to-day work that ensures your project is a success, and if you feel their experience or understanding of your project falls short, then you might want to look elsewhere.

Once you ve narrowed your longlist down to a shortlist, ensure you meet this person and that they also understand your project goals and needs.

Do your homework

To find a tech partner that will help achieve your project goals and create a product that meets - or even exceeds - your expectations, it s vital to do your homework.

Find out more about how to do this effectively in our free guide to Finding The Right Tech Partner For Your Business.

And if you d like to talk to ADAMAPP about working together to develop an app, website or mobile tool, get in touch here.

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