Chinese Financial Institution

App development

A secure digital system to replace a lengthy paper process. Our app sped up the process for over 20 million customers to apply for loans and access their data.

20 m
60 k
Step on-boarding process

Loan companies’ top priority is to ensure customer data remains secure, and create an efficient process to generate as many customers as possible. It’s difficult to do this with a paper process. Chinese Financial Institution wanted to replace their existing procedure with a secure, instant and paperless application to improve administration accuracy and customer satisfaction.

We produced a suite of technology that can be adjusted to remain in line with local regulations and policies.

We helped Chinese Financial Institution, 60,000 brokers and 20 million users save time and money by creating a secure and efficient insurance app. This included SMS verification access, scannable ID, e-signatures and facial recognition technology validated by the Chinese national database. Customers were more confident with the process, knowing it was secure. We also condensed the application process into 5 steps, allowing customers to check their loan status and navigate the next step with ease, while increasing conversions.

Reduced on-boarding costs

Less resources needed with our completely digital process

Less fraud

Our technology prevents fraud and aids fraud detection

Created new sales channel

The client is able to communicate with existing customers