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Finding the right technology partner can be a challenge. We're here to help.
Knowing you need an external partner to build the technology you need is the first step. Downloading our 14-step guide is the second.

We'll take you through the 14 steps you need to take when deciding who's right to build your tech. From carefully defining your goal so you know what to aim for, all the way through to making the final decision once you have your shortlist, we have you covered.

Our 14-step guide will help you find the right platform for your technology project, use the best websites to create a list of technology agencies to reach out to, and then narrow it down to your shortlist.

From there, we'll help you ask the right questions, look at clear data to help you make a decision, and understand where their expertise lies. We'll take you through the things you need to know before you even speak to any tech agencies, and whether you need a trial period.
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