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The largest consumer finance company in China wanted to redesign their loan origination process so that it could be paperless, reliable and much more efficient. Their ultimate goal was to replace their original procedure, a logistics-heavy manual operation forcing agents to print all the required documents, fill them out and send them to the back office for verification. This process was highly inefficient as well as inflexible; not only did the multiple interactions and points of contact cause unnecessary delays but also greatly increased the possibility of human error. While these factors posed a risk to customer irritability, the chance of their data being exploited was also increased, thus endangering their financial security.


Currently, 60 thousand brokers benefit from our unique banking app, a fully paperless, highly efficient and extremely secure solution. The entire loan origination process now consists of five simple steps and can be completed on a tablet in minutes. Thanks to advances OCR technology, an applicant’s personal information is no longer manually filled out. By scanning their ID and bank card, the necessary information is automatically registered, increasing efficiency and lowering the possibility of mistakes. To confirm the applicant’s identity, the security system uses a 6-digit SMS verification code, an e-signature, their ID and bank cards as well as a photograph to double-check the record, which is validated through a Chinese national database.

Meanwhile, by using the partner app for clients, users can log in to find detailed information about their loans which would include repayments and mobile payments. They may also receive promotional information regarding new offers, campaigns and company news, all delivered as push notifications.

The suite of apps has currently streamlined application processes for more than 11 million users. Thanks to built-in flexibility, we can use one solution to adapt to any local data-protection regulations and diverse loaning policies. Therefore, reams of paper contracts or multiple days to process requests are no longer necessary. Embrace this digital banking solution to simplify loans and ensure their security for both companies and applicants.

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