Receiving a phone call that someone is waiting, registering their details, signing them in and giving them the company WiFi and access codes all takes up an unnecessary amount of time, especially when you are welcoming multiple visitors all in one day. However, there is now an app that can do all of that for you. Simply download our digital receptionist on an IPad and you’re ready to go. It is an efficient application that allows for a win-win situation for both the company and the visitor.


Keen to streamline their check-in system, Vodafone was the first organization to request this app. Our goal was to digitalize the sign-in process to make guests’ visits as comfortable and efficient as possible, increase building security, and facilitate direct communication with employees. Additional visitor benefits would be QR access codes delivered straight to their mobile devices and easy and convenient connection to the company WiFi. Following the positive response from Vodafone, who have taken this solution as a new benchmark and implemented it across their international stores offices, we developed a complete digital reception - a stand-alone app that can be used in every office or building. Goodbye inefficient, indirect back and forth exchanges. Hello intuitive, direct notifications at your fingertips.


As soon as they enter the lobby, visitors can use the digital reception app to check in, submitting their details, including their name, phone number, and e-mail address, as well as the name of the employee they’re visiting. The guest can immediately gain access to the WiFi and access codes he or she needs, while the host instantly receives information about the guest’s arrival thanks to push notifications and e-mail. In addition, the employee contact feature allows internal personnel to find their colleagues’ basic contact information quickly and easily. Take one more step to going paperless and do away with sign-in forms and guestbooks: your company or organization simply needs to place an iPad by the entrance. And with support for 15 different languages, you won’t lose anyone in translation again - even foreign visitors will feel at home. Our digital reception app saves your visitors’ precious time, eases your receptionist’s workload, and facilitates your employees’ efficiency and effectiveness.


No more

lengthy waiting time

Language support

for 15 countries, easier for foreign visitors

Instant WiFi access



for the building

Time- saving

& Direct communication


Push notification and email for new visitor’s arrival

Digitalize process

Ultimate assistant for quick check-in

Our unique solution has been implemented at front desks, corporate events and meetings, grand openings, and exhibitions across Europe and in Canada. Its simple and intuitive interface has made it an essential tool for hosting visitors. Impress your guests and speed up the check-in process with our digital reception.

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