Sazka Group is one of the biggest lottery companies in Europe. The betting division, Sazkabet, provides a platform for over ten thousand users every month. They came to us looking for a refresh and an update of the app to help the business gain market share and close in on its competitors.

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Faster and fully integrated E-commerce applications are essential for betting businesses and users. Businesses want to provide an easy-to-use platform for users. One that optimises bet playing and offers a unique style of play while being scalable for the future. And users need to have all the information at their fingertips so they’re ready to react quickly to changes in odds, avoid missing out on big wins and escape getting caught in losses. With this in mind, Sazkabet wanted to create an application that catered to everyone’s needs. We rose to the challenge and built a better, faster and futureproof application.

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The Sazkabet app allows customers to place and monitor bets historically and in real time. It is compatible with both iOS and Android devices and users can enjoy an identical experience on the app, regardless of their device. We also included full integration by combining five different third-party APIs into one system, so users can now track and react to individual players, combine pre-match and LIVE bets, receive notifications for ticket results and more.

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Sazkabet’s app is now one of the biggest sales channels in the business, and has a bigger turnover than their website. Within 12 months of activation, the app is being used by tens of thousands of users per month. The jump in the number of users has in turn allowed Sazkabet to close the gap in the competitive market and offer their users a service rivalling other big companies. Over 4 million push notifications have been sent to loyal users through the app, with an open rate of 11.5%.

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