AR Scanner

Easily obtain current stock & price information instantly with our AR scanner solution. With the app, both the employees and customers can check the details of multiple products by scanning on the go.

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  • Innovative

    Augmented reality is one of the most cutting-edge technologies

  • Interactive

    Users can shop and find what they need all from their mobile device

  • Standalone or Integrated

    Can be integrated or customized based on the requirements

AR Navigation - app screen
  • Time-Saving

    Allows users to scan multiple products are once, rather than one by one

  • Current Information

    The information from the scans are up-to-date and correct

  • Solution for All

    A solution that can benefit both the employees and customers


The AR scanner solution was originally developed for back-office employees to save time and increase their efficiency. Built as a native app, users can simply scan as they go with their mobile devices. You no longer have to carry stacks of paper to manually look between shelves for the right product.

The solution includes scanning of multiple products at the same time and displaying an AR pop-up window for the user. This window contains information about the product including price, stock information, and the barcode scanner indicates if the product code is valid (red being invalid, green being valid). What’s more, with our AR scanner, customers can enjoy an effortless shopping experience.

AR Navigation - app screen