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The restrictions associated with Covid 19 have fundamentally changed our shopping behavior. According to some estimates, digitalization has been accelerated by up to 8 years. Demand for online shopping has risen by 50% and online market share growth is increasing by the month. Our e-commerce platform is ready for you to deploy immediately within a few days.

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A ready-made solution

Our e-commerce platform is a ready-made, functional, reliable and proven solution. Integrating it into your business will bring many benefits. We know our partners’ needs and those of their customers. We actively offer suggestions and provide invaluable know-how.

A ready-made solution

Client website

Customers can access the website to easily view the nearest stores or filter for those that offer the desired product. The results are always sorted by distance to the specified location. You can also filter for stores that provide delivery options or, for example, those where you can pay online. Customers will find the address for each store, photos, the payment methods accepted and the products available.

Client website

When making a purchase, the customer chooses when to pick up their order. As a result, it’s easy to avoid queues in the store and minimize contact with others. In addition, the customer also selects their preferred payment method. Each store can customize its information as  necessary. The customer is then informed by e-mail about the receipt of the order.

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CMS for merchants

The administrative section is prepared to meet our partners’ needs with regard to individual users’ different access rights. Here, you can do everything in one place: easily enter a new product, edit time slots for order collections, add payment methods and, last but not least, manage the list of orders.

CMS for merchants

Our platform is ready to use other internal functions, such as connecting to an existing loyalty program, implementing online payments, or linking a list of products to a global catalog. One advantage is the possibility of sending customers a notification after receiving their order, changing the order status, and sending notifications to the store about the creation of a new order.

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Easy implementation

Thanks to our knowledge and experience of retail, we will work with you not only to implement our e-commerce platform, but also to help you with the complete digitization of your business.

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    Speed of deployment

    We can deploy your new e-commerce platform within a few days of shaking on it

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    Perfect knowledge of the environment, needs and issues at stake

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    The ability to effectively develop Android and iOS mobile apps

E-commerce platform - Benefits
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    Significant savings in terms of both costs and time

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    An emphasis on a true partnership, rather than a standard supplier-customer arrangement

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    A comprehensive delivery from a single partner, including backend, frontend, graphics