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Our wallets are full with loyalty cards, whether to collect points or to redeem them for discounts in-store. As one of the most effective and powerful marketing tools for companies, loyalty programs increase customer engagement and retention. While generating higher profits for these companies, we often find ourselves filling our wallets and struggling to find the right loyalty card. With our solution, we take those loyalty cards and make them virtual by loading them into a mobile app. This allows customers to collect and redeem points on the go with their mobile device.

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We needed a flexible solution that was fast, secure and simple to use across multiple platforms. Without exception, they delivered over and beyond

Andrew Matheson, Service Delivery & Infrastructure Manager, Tesco


In today’s mobile-centric society, a mobile app that will allow you to store your loyalty cards is a must-have. As a virtual card holder helps to lighten your wallet, navigate to the nearest stores and update you with ongoing events. The app even allows you to register a new loyalty program directly without visiting the store.

Loyalty app screen Loyalty app screen Loyalty app screen


The application integrates all your loyalty cards into one easy mobile app solution. The users can simply use their devices camera to scan and capture the card number and barcode. User’s only need to show the card’s barcode on their device to enjoy the same benefits of a physical card. The app allows users to navigate the dashboard to choose the loyalty card that they desire to use. The mobile app is can be used inside cafes, retail stores, e-shops, airlines and many more. Let the app navigate you by filtering the location and industry to show the closest places to use your cards and enjoy the benefits.

Loyalty app screen
Loyalty app screen Loyalty app screen Loyalty app screen


Creating a loyalty program for your company will help shoppers enjoy their shopping experience. The loyalty program is not just about collecting points, it can help users find the nearest location, find discounts on their favourite products, creating shopping lists and many more. At the same time, once the user selects the nearest store, it will verify the availability of the merchandise, check the sale hours in the store, find traffic information so that users can schedule the best time to shop and provide helpful tips.


In addition to the benefits of the loyalty program, it gives companies a new channel for direct communication with customers to understand their shopping behaviours. These behaviours include shopping habits, purchase history and many more. Knowing this information will help you to offer promotions to improve their overall experience.

We have been working with ADAMAPP since 2013. They have always been more like a partner than a supplier in helping us develop a successful mobile app. And we receive positive feedback and reviews from users every day!

Aleš Hegenbart, Digital Marketing Specialist, SAZKA


Integrated with Android or Apple Pay to purchase and collect easily on the mobile app


    Reward your customers based on what they need and want


    Customizable dashboards


    Understand customer demographics and behaviours for micro-marketing

Loyalty app - app screen

    Enjoy special discounts, vouchers and promotions.


    Communicate with your customers directly without any delay


    Administration can be an out-of-the-box solution for you


Our solution makes us stand out from the competition. The platform includes an admin portal where you can manage the loyalty program. These managements include role settings (owner/partner/staff) to prevent unauthorized changes, managing personalized promotion events, push notifications, adding new branches, and scheduling content for future releases. Besides interacting with the users, the admins can also view statistics for analysis. They can filter various parameters such as notification rates, customer segmentation and patterns and many more.



Consumers spent three times more using the app compared to the website.


Push notifications sent to the consumer per year. With a 70% conversion rate


Decrease in marketing costs


Of customers who visited the website also downloaded the app

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