AR Navigation

Boost your sales or impress your business partners with smooth AR navigation.

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Brand the navigation experience by customizing dashboards.

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Just set the start and end of the journey. The app calculates the rest.

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Boost engagement and sales by displaying promotions.

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Enable users to quickly reach the end destination without any assistance.

Do your customers struggle to find the right product aisle while shopping in-store? Do you have to endlessly explain to your partners how to get to your office? With our intuitive augmented reality, you can save them time and annoyance. Simply set the start and endpoint of the path; the virtual route will do the rest. While enjoying the hassle-free experience, the customers can be informed about new sales, fresh products and other news. Augmented reality navigation is suitable for in-store shopping, offices and shopping malls.

After users set their current and desired location, the AR Navigation app calculates the route. The map includes arrows leading them to their destination, ensuring a smooth navigation experience.