Digital Reception

Free up your team and help them focus on their important tasks with our digital receptionist.

tech mastery


Our expert team can customise your AR scanner to suit your needs, and branding.

tech mastery


Your team has important work to deliver. Free up their time with a digital reception.

tech mastery


Check people in and out quickly, give them the Wi-Fi code and alert the host they’ve arrived.

tech mastery


Customer service is quick and easy, giving guests a positive first impression of your business.

Interrupting your team’s day with constant task-switching, small talk and questions that can easily be answered by technology leads to lower productivity. Staff aren’t able to concentrate on their most important tasks, and the efficiency of the business suffers. Guests can be left waiting, and human error can lead to security breaches.

Our digital receptionist frees up your team for deeper work, increases security, productivity and efficiency. You can check in your guests, give them the Wi-Fi password and alert the host to their arrival, all in one easy-to-use app. Provide impressive customer service, with shorter waiting times and an efficient digital reception process.