AR Scanner

Get an overview of your inventory and pricing with our simple AR Scanner.

tech mastery


Our expert team can customise your AR scanner to suit your needs, and branding.

tech mastery

For customers

Allow customers to search for products and up-to-date pricing information.

tech mastery

For your team

Staff can save time, easily find products and help customers in one app.

tech mastery

For management

Quickly get an overview of stock levels and pricing, and create reports.

Your team’s time is precious. Outdated systems mean in-store teams can spend hours searching for the right products, checking and updating inventory and finding the pricing documentation they need to go with it. It’s time consuming to search for multiple products and find the correct pricing.

Our Augmented Reality barcode scanner gathers all the information on your products, including inventory levels and pricing, and keeps them in one app. Your team can spend their time helping customers on the floor, and increase store revenue with a more efficient process to find products for customers. Customers can also use the app to find information using their own phones.