Reporting tool

Prevent, track and report incidents in one easy-to-use reporting tool app.

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Prevent thefts, breakages and other incidents in your store.

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Keep track of inventory, efficiency, losses and thefts in one easy app.

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Create reports for your teams at the click of a button.

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Our reporting tool can be customised to suit your business’ needs and branding.

In-store losses can be caused by theft, staff inefficiencies, accidental breakages and lack of clarity in inventory reporting tools. Processes can be convoluted, involving papers which can easily be lost, and different programmes often don’t speak to each other to give you a clear overview of your inventory and profits.

Our reporting tool allows you to keep everything you need in one place. Managers can quickly get an overview of the inventory available, spot patterns in incidents and create reports. And your team don’t need to waste time with long processes to report inventory levels, incidents and other key data.