Digital Reception

Your business’ time is valuable and prioritizing responsibilities is essential. Alleviate some of the mundane tasks from your receptionist and provide time and opportunity for meaningful work. Our digital iPad app allows visitors to self-register their details, gives them access to the guest Wi-Fi network and informs the host they have arrived. The efficiency of the app delivers a valuable customer experience and heightens productivity for your enterprise.

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Keen to streamline their check-in system, Vodafone was the first organization to request this app. Our goal was to digitalize the sign-in process to make guests’ visits as comfortable and efficient as possible, increase building security, and facilitate direct communication with employees. Additional visitor benefits would be QR access codes delivered straight to their mobile devices and easy and convenient connection to the company WiFi.

Following the positive response from Vodafone, who have taken this solution as a new benchmark and implemented it across their international stores offices, we developed a complete digital reception - a stand-alone app that can be used in every office or building. Goodbye inefficient, indirect back and forth exchanges. Hello intuitive, direct notifications at your fingertips.

Digital reception - task
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The digital reception can be programmed on Pepper to work with your company and support your colleagues.


  • Time-saving

    No more lengthy wait times

  • Multi-language support

    Language support for 15 countries; easier for foreign visitors

  • Convenient

    Instant WiFi access for visitors

Our solution
  • Security

    Know who’s visiting the company

  • Productivity

    Time-saving & direct communication

  • Notifications

    Push notifications and email to the visitor’s host.