The Consumer Electronics Show 2019

The Consumer Electronics Show 2019

The Consumer Electronics Show, (CES) is an annual trade show held in January in the Las Vegas Convention Centre. Showcasing the latest products in new consumer electronic technologies, CES hosts over 4500 exhibitions and welcomes more than 180 thousand attendees from over 150 countries worldwide.

Consumers are observing how technology can be incorporated in their daily lives, from walking cards to 5G connectivity. Let’s have a look at the top 3 things, we are most excited for from this year’s showcasing:

1. LG 65-Inch Rollable TV

Imagine if you had a TV that disappeared when you didn’t use it and doesn’t look like your traditional TV.  Appealing to modern day home design and décor, having a large rectangular TV occupying a chunk of space isn’t aesthetically appealing. However, LG has creatively strategized a solution by developing a TV, with two compatible options; a screen, which rolls back into the base unit or a portion of the screen rolls up when listening to content. With the integration of Google Assistant and future plans for Amazon Alexa, the LG R9 is definitely an exciting product to look out for.

By including features like a 100-watt Dolby Atmos speaker, to being a 4K OLED TV, and future-proofing with HDMI 2.1 support, LG is ensuring their customers receive the ultimate entertainment experience. 

2. Augmented Reality in Retail Stores

AR is gradually growing in the retail space, with successful brick-and-mortar stores like IKEA launching an AR catalogue in 2013. This AR catalogue has the ability to visually show shoppers how certain pieces of furniture can look inside their homes, by measuring the size of the product against the room and offering a true scale visualization.

Even at, we have developed AR mobile applications for Tesco and Microsoft. The Tesco version allows users to navigate to the product that they need in-store, or scan multiple products,whereas the Microsoft version allows you to navigate through the building. 

3. Blockchain Development

Blockchain is emerging at increasing rate and for those who haven’t dabbled in its history, here is a brief overview. Blockchain  started as a distributed digital ledger for bitcoins. This ledger is decentralized with the data stored in blocks on a chain with a cryptography hash, time stamp and transaction data. The benefit stems from it’s a peer to peer platform (P2P) copies of the ledger, which is stored in different locations, meaning that if you try to change one you would have to change it in all the locations.

At, our work on Blockchain has commenced with a mobile app food traceability app, that will be able to trace the food from its source all the way to its destination. The goal of the app is to ensure the food we consume has not been tampered with along the way, from its initial stages of growth and nurturing, to its delivery to retail stores. While the app is being developed, we hope to have it released in the near future.

As CES wraps up its 2019 event, we hope to see more interesting showcases along with potential products that will be in-stores very soon. Stay informed by visiting:

Nicole Cheng Key Account Manager of IRUK & North America at ADAMAPP