AR Game Presto Gusto

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Feed the coffee machine with capsules

What if the coffee machine literally comes to life in front of you, opens its mouth and stares at you? It’s hungry. It’s best to shoot at it. With a capsule. And another and another. If you don’t manage to get the capsules into its open mouth, its head spins and it sees stars. And you’ll lose one of your lives. Keep shooting until you get a discount. This is exactly what to expect with our augmented reality game Presto Gusto. 

Game Presto Gusto - Coffee maker
Presto Gusto - capsule
Presto gusto - discount congratulation - beam Presto gusto - discount congratulation - screen
Presto Gusto - capsule

Adapted to your business

The game was created to demonstrate the possibilities of augmented reality at the Retail Summit, where we presented it at the Microsoft stand. It’s suitable for any business – just imagine anything else in place of the coffee machine. You can also play on your own face using the front camera. 3D objects can easily be attached to your features. The Presto Gusto AR game isn’t free to download – it’s in our internal application. But we’d be happy to show it to you. We’ll come up with a new theme for your game and create new 3D objects. 

Game Presto Gusto - Coffee maker Floating eyes Floating mouth
Presto Gusto - capsule

How to play

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